Risks and Cautions involved in Cryptocurrency Transactions


Value Fluctuation Risks

In addition to the possibility of dramatic fluctuations caused by changes in supply and demand balance and market circumstances, the value of cryptocurrency can possibly fall to 0.


Cyberattack Risks

A risk that prevails is in relation to peoples’ information because they can be illegally robbed of their wallets due to the vulnerability of the program (smart contract) by hacking, etc.


Liquidity Risks

Transactions can possibly be unfeasible or difficult to make due to market trends, transactions volume, or other circumstances.


Risk of No Settlement Finality

There is a risk of transactions being retroactively invalidated if insufficient time has passed since the transaction was finalized.


Branching Risks due to Hard Forking

There is a risk of cryptocurrency being branched due to a hard fork, and the branches may thereby become incompatible.

In such cases, there is a risk of major decrease in the value or of transactions being retroactively invalidated.


51% Attack Risk

There is a risk of arbitrary blockchain tampering when a specific group with malicious intent holds a majority of mining computing power.


Bankruptcy Risk

There is a risk of the Company’s business being unable to continue due to the changes in the external environment, etc.


Legal and Tax System Risks

Use of the Service may be restricted in certain countries or regions.

The holding or transaction of cryptocurrencies can possibly be limited or may become more disadvantageous due to changes in laws and regulations, tax systems, or policies.


Other Risks

Transactions can possibly be limited due to force majeures, such as natural disasters, political changes, and sudden changes in the cryptocurrency market.



XRP Cautions

When using XRP as a settlement currency, 20XRP is procured as an account activation fee in line with the specifications set by XRP.

Remitting an amount less than 20XRP to XRP address that has not been fully activated causes an error, and such remittance is not accepted.

When selecting XRP for purchasing a ticket for the first time, an additional payment of 20XRP will incur apart from the ticket price.

When remitting XRP for the first time to an XRP address without selecting a ticket, 20XRP of the remitted amount is locked as an activation fee.

20XRP used for activation is reflected in the balance but cannot be refunded or used for ticket purchases.




The Service shall bear no liability whatsoever for the aforementioned risks and points of caution. However, the aforementioned is not a comprehensive list, covering all risks that may arise from transactions.