Use of Crypto ISHTAR Terms


These Use of Terms (hereinafter, “Agreement”) are set forth as conditions for using the Service provided on this website (hereinafter, “Service”) by BoundlessTechnology (hereinafter, “Company”). All registered users (hereinafter, “the Users”) can use the Service in accordance with the Agreement.



Article 1. Application

  1. The Agreement applies to all relationships between the Users and the Company in the use of the Service.
  2. The Company may set forth other rules and stipulations for use in addition to these terms (hereinafter, “Individual Rules”). These Individual Rules, regardless of name, comprise of a part of the Agreement.
  3. In the event of contradictions between the rules in the Agreement and the Individual Rules mentioned in the preceding article, Individual Rules shall take precedence unless otherwise specified in the Individual Rules.



Article 2. Registration of Users

  1. The Terms in this Service define that the Company will decide if it accepts the individual’s intention to register based upon the information submitted by them according to its guidelines in line with their consent to the Agreement.
  2. The terms of service based upon the rules defined by the Agreement will come into effect when the registration is completed after application for use.
  3. If a User’s false declaration is discovered at the time of consent or thereafter, the User can be unsubscribed at the discretion of the Company. In such cases, the Company shall have no obligation to disclose reasons for unsubscribing the said Users.
  4. Following individuals cannot use the Service. In addition, if any of the following conditions apply, members shall promptly report them to the Company.
    1. The User is under 20 years of age;
    2. The User has a registered account for the Service;
    3. When the User has been suspended from using the Service in the past;
    4. When the User is engaged in wrongdoing at the time of using the Service;
    5. “Individuals with US citizenship” or “Residents of the US” are obliged to pay US taxes; and
    6. For such Users, the Company judges that efficient operations of the Service could be significantly jeopardized by them.



Article 3. Responsibilities and Cautions

  1. When using this Service, the Users shall be personally responsible for its usage within the scope of laws and tax systems.
  2. In the event of claims for damages due to disputes among the Users caused by the use of the Service, Users shall respond at their own expense and responsibility, and the Company shall be exempted.
  3. If the Company receives complaints, disputes, or requests for compensation of damages caused by the third party’s plagiarism or peeping into the necessary login information, except for the User, the Company shall be exempted, and the User shall not pursue compensations or liability.



Article 4. Email Addresses and Password Management

  1. The Users shall be responsible for managing email addresses and passwords used for Service registration properly.
  2. Users shall under no circumstances give or loan email addresses and passwords with third parties or share them with third parties. When an email address and a password with registered user’s information is used for login, the Company deems it a match with the login of the User who has registered the said email address and password.
  3. The Company shall be exempt from damages caused by the use of email addresses and passwords by third parties, except the cases where the Company is intentionally or seriously negligent.



Article 5. Ticket Purchase Methods, etc.

  1. When purchasing tickets, Users shall specify the type and number of tickets as per the method prescribed by the Service. Further, the maximum number of tickets that may be requested at one time is set forth separately for each product and series.
  2. After a User submits an application to purchase tickets via the Service system, the User remits the appropriate settlement currency to the specified address. Users cannot cancel their application for purchases after payment is competed.
  3. Any of the following cases will result in a failed purchase of tickets. The Company shall be exempt from damages incurred by the User in these cases.
    1. When the purchase amount for tickets exceeds the User’s account balance
    2. When the User’s account has transaction restrictions on it
    3. When the Company agrees that the ticket purchase application will not be allowed due to natural disasters, measures taken by courts or other public institutions, or other unavoidable reasons.
    4. When the Company agrees that the ticket purchase application will not be allowed due to issues with telecommunications lines or systems
  4. When the Users intend on purchasing the tickets, they shall make purchase applications on their own, and not request others to make applications for them.
  5. Users may not purchase tickets for other people.
  6. The rate provided by the Service is correct, even when rates fluctuate due to market circumstances.
  7. In no cases will refunds be made, regardless of whether cryptocurrency remitted by the User was for ticket purchase.
  8. The Users shall not be liable for damages related to their use of the Service or the inability to use the Service.
  9. In accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, it is in principle prohibited to cancel or change established rules.



Article 6. Lotteries

  1. The lottery methodology and the determination of the winning numbers for each series will be accomplished in due course.
  2. The lottery results determined by the designated service provider shall be deemed accurate.
  3. The lottery may be rescheduled if a winning purchaser’s registered data and other details are found to be false or fraudulent after the lottery results have been confirmed.
  4. The lottery may be rescheduled if its methodology, or the determination of the winning number, or the results of the lottery are found to be incorrect or falsified.



Article 7. Carryovers

  1. If there is no winner in a series and cryptocurrency winnings remain unclaimed, or if the predetermined amount of cryptocurrency is not satisfied, 80% of the cryptocurrency that remains from the winnings shall be carried over to be used as cryptocurrency for the next or subsequent round.
  2. As per the abovementioned paragraph, cryptocurrency that has been carried over is the property of the Company, and the use of applications and quantities will be determined as appropriate.



Article 8. Voting

  1. Collected cryptocurrency becomes the property of the Company through the Users’ votes.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the cryptocurrency information that are determined by the User’s vote.



Article 9. FAV Point system

  1. Introduced a FAV point system from ticket sales on 24th October 2019.
  2. The Reward FAV points are awarded when purchasing eligible ticket series in bulk.
  3. The use and timing of accumulated FAV points will be determined by the business scale of CRYPTO ISHTAR and the marketability of Crypto Currencies. We have plans to distribute a portion of business revenue in the future from CRYPTO ISHTAR AFFILIATE LIMITED PLAN for those who have accumulated points.
  4. Conditions and precautions on granting FAV points.      
    1. The Reward FAV points are awarded when purchasing eligible ticket series in bulk.
      1. Buy 10- 0.5 FAV point
      2. Buy 30- 2 FAV points
      3. Buy 60- 5 FAV points

※From October 1, 2020, there will be a change in the number of FAV points awarded.

    1. A bulk purchase means that multiple tickets placed in the shopping cart are simultaneously settled with one remittance, while the purchase date and time of the tickets remain the same.
    2. Checkouts of the same ticket series cannot be added together when different currencies are used for the settlement.
    3. Tickets from different series cannot be purchased together.
    4. The eligible ticket series will be announced via SNS when the series is held.
    5. The accumulated FAV points cannot be transferred to other user accounts.
    6. FAV points are not for sale. Instead, they are awarded for the bulk purchase of eligible tickets.

※Please note that the tickets will not be settled if there is a shortage, no matter how small, in the remittance of the amount required for one settlement, and the remitted sum will be deposited. In this case, please deposit the rest of the amount within three hours of checkout. If this is not done within three hours, the transaction will be canceled. Please repurchase the tickets by following the same procedure.



Article 10. JACK Point system

  1. JACK points will be given when a user purchases 60  or more tickets (in bulk) under the FAV point system.
  2. JACK Points may be exchanged for tickets in usable series.
  3. The number of tickets exchangeable for 1 JACK Point will vary depending on the series.
  4. JACK Points cannot be exchanged for cryptocurrency or transferred to the account of another user.



Article 11. Prohibitions

  1. When using the Service, the User must not engage in activities that apply to the following or the case where it is anticipated to be the same.
    1. Actions that transfer the User status
    2. Actions that transfer all or a portion of rights and usage of those rights as collateral, in addition to making a claim for cryptocurrency payment
    3. Actions related to illegal activities or that contravene public order and morals
    4. Actions that violate the laws and regulations, the rules of the Service, or the internal rules of organizations with which the User is affiliated
    5. Actions that infringe the intellectual property, publicity, privacy, honor, or other rights or interests of other users of the Service or third parties
    6. Actions that is feared to impede the operations of the Company’s services
    7. Unlawful access or actions that attempt such access
    8. Actions that use the Service for unlawful purposes
    9. Actions that cause disadvantage, damage, or discomfort to other Users of the Service or to third parties
    10. Actions that imitate other Users
    11. Actions related to the Company’s services that directly or indirectly impart benefits to antisocial forces
    12. The act of purchasing tickets for multiple other individuals
    13. The act of purchasing tickets using business capital
    14. Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate



Article 12. Suspending the Use of the Service

  1. The Company may halt or suspend the provision of all or part of the Service to Users without a prior notification for any of the following reasons.
    1. When performing computer system inspection and maintenance or updates for the Service;
    2. When provision of the Service becomes difficult due to earthquake, lightning strikes, fire, power outage, natural disaster, or other force majeure events;
    3. When computer or telecommunication lines are halted due to an accident; and
    4. Other events where the Company determines that providing the Service is difficult
  2. The Company shall be liable for any disadvantages or damage incurred by the User or third parties due to the suspension or interruption of the Service.



Article 13. Limitation of Use and Revocation of Registration

  1. The Company may limit the use by the User of all or a portion of the Service or revoke the registration of a User without prior notice if any of the following apply to the User.
    1. When any of the conditions in these terms are violated
    2. When it is discovered that false information was provided for registration
    3. When it is discovered that the User had a membership registration revoked due to violations of these terms in the past
    4. When the User has violated these terms or other rules set separately
    5. When other actions the Company deems inappropriate for the use of this Service
  2. The Company shall be exempt from any damages incurred by the User, when the Company limits the use of the User or revoke the registration in accordance with the previous paragraph.



Article 14. Disclaimer of Warranty and Exemption Clause

  1. The Service shall not promise warranties or take responsibility whatsoever for cryptocurrency storage and remittance or for other related services and value, function, use, or applications of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the Service does not guarantee the User anything beyond what is defined in the Service, even when the User obtains information related to the Service or other Users either directly or indirectly.
  2. The Service bears no obligation to establish cryptocurrency remittances between Users.
  3. At their own responsibility and expense, the Users shall investigate whether using this Service violates laws and regulations or the internal rules of organizations, etc., applicable to the Users. The Company promises no warranty that the use of the Service by the Users conform to laws or the internal rules of industrial associations applicable to the Users.
  4. The Company shall be exempt from liability and shall be under no obligation for compensation in the event of discontinuation, suspension, termination, rendering unusable, or incorporating modifications to the Service, nor for data loss or equipment failure, or any other damages related to the use of the Service.
  5. The Company shall be exempt from any use of websites outside of the Service and from information obtained from websites outside the Service, even if links to other websites are provided by the Service’s website, or other websites provides links to the Service’s website.
  6. Malfunctions of the Service’s system, malfunctions of user terminals, or operation of the system deviating from the points of caution may affect the display of the amount of cryptocurrency held in the Service and the speed of remittances. Thereby, the Company shall be exempt from any obligation for damages, even when the Users incur damages related to the Service.
  7. The Company shall be exempt from delays in execution or imperfect performance to all or part of a system due to natural disasters, wars, civil wars, riots, legal revisions, verdicts, orders by those in power, punishments, labor disputes, transportation, telecommunications accidents, increases in raw materials and freight rates, significant fluctuations in exchange rates, or other force majeure events that are not attributable to other parties.
  8. The Company shall not be liable for damages incurred by the User due to future modifications in cryptocurrency-related laws, regulations, directives, provisions, orders, notifications, ordinances, guidelines, or other rules, or in related tax system.
  9. The Service shall not be liable for retroactive damages that the Users may incur when cryptocurrency-related laws, regulations, directives, provisions, orders, notifications, ordinances, guidelines, or other rules change. Nor will it be liable for those damages caused by the changes in the related tax system that are brought to effect retroactively.
  10. The Service shall not be liable to the Users for damages, even when cryptocurrency value fluctuates unexpectedly.
  11. The Company promises no warranty, either implicit or explicit, that there are no factual or legal defects (including those related to safety, reliability, accuracy, effectiveness, conformance to a specific purpose, and lack of security; errors and bugs; and infringement of rights.).
  12. The Company shall be exempt from any transactions, contact, disputes, etc., between the User, other Users, and third parties in regard to the Service.



Article 15. Modifications to Service Content, etc.

  1. The Company may make modifications to the content of the Service or suspend the offering of the Service without prior notification to the Users. In doing so, the Company shall be exempt from any damages incurred by the Users.



Article 16. Modifications to Terms of Use

  1. When it deems necessary, the Company may modify the Agreement at any time and without prior notification to the Users.
  2. Modified terms shall take effect from the time they are posted on the Company-operated website.
  3. In the event that the Agreement are revised, members shall be deemed as having consented to the revised Agreement when they use the Service after the revision.



Article 17. Handling of Personal Information

  1. The Company shall handle personal information obtained through use of the Service properly, and in accordance with the Company’s “Privacy Policy.”
  2. Users shall notify the Company of changes to personal information and other additional information or when such information is requested by the Company.



Article 18. Refunds and Handling of Cryptocurrency Winnings

  1. Cryptocurrency equivalent to the amount of winnings in the Service shall be stored no longer than one year from the announcement of winning and will be promptly remitted to the winner who has completed the procedures established by the Company during the storage period. If the one-year storage period elapses without the winner completing the procedure, all rights of the winner related to winning, including the receipt of cryptocurrency equivalent to the winning amount, will be waived.
  2. Winners will be announced in the Service or in all promotional tools. Should a winner refuse this public announcement, the cryptocurrency equivalent to the winning amount shall not be paid.
  3. Winners in the Service shall present KYC documents (identification certificates) specified by the Company within the one-year storage period when accepting cryptocurrency equivalent to the winning amount. In the event a winner does not present KYC documents (identification certificates) within the specified time period, the winner is deemed as having waived all rights related to winning, including the receipt of the cryptocurrency equivalent to the winning amount.
  4. If the Service cannot make remittances to the User due to remittance restrictions, etc., the cryptocurrency equivalent to the winning amount will be stored for a period determined by the Service. In such cases, the User can receive the cryptocurrency equivalent to the winning amount in a method determined by the Service by making notification of the necessary items in a method determined by the Service during the storage period of the cryptocurrency equivalent to the winning amount. Furthermore, the Company shall be exempt even when the Service causes disadvantages to the User because of the terms defined in this paragraph.
  5. In accordance with the provisions of the Agreement, the Service shall be exempt by paying to the User who purchases the cryptocurrency equivalent of the winning amount, and the User shall be responsible for resolutions with a third party who claims the right to the cryptocurrency equivalent to the winning amount.



Article 19. Notifications and Contact

  1. The Company shall appropriately handle personal information obtained through the use of the Service in accordance with the Company's “Privacy Policy.”
  2. Users shall notify the Company of changes to personal information and other additional information, or when such information is requested by the Company.



Article 20. Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations

  1. The User may not transfer the status in the Terms of Use, rights based on the Agreement, or obligations to a third party, and may not use them as collateral, without the prior written consent of the Company.



Article 21. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. The governing law applied when interpreting the Agreement shall be that of the country that applies to the Users.
  2. In the event of disputes regarding the Service, the court with jurisdiction over the location of the Company's headquarters shall be the court with the exclusive jurisdiction over the Agreement.



Article 22. Attribution of Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All intellectual property rights (copyrights, portrait rights, design rights, patents, utility model rights, and trademarks) related to information, programs, and content provided by the Company through the Service belong to the Company or a right holder, and the User may not engage in activities to use these rights by reprinting, etc., without the permission of the Company or the right holder.
  2. Use of the Service data, designs, or copyrighted works is permitted only for affiliated partners.
  3. In the event the User violates the previous paragraph, the Company may suspend the use by the applicable User and claim damages incurred by the action in question.
  4. The Company may use information provided by the Users (including intellectual property rights) without providing compensation, based on the Personal Information Protection Act.



Article 23. Outsourcing to a Third Party

  1. The Company may outsource the offering of the Service, in whole, or in part, to a third party.